In-Ground Pools

Brisbane’s Leading Pool Painting Experts

C&D Professional Coating Services is a Brisbane based business that provides in-ground pool painting and restoration services. On a hot Brisbane day, nothing is more satisfying than the beautiful blue water of an inground swimming pool. The turquoise or marine-blue of most common pools comes from the color paint used. 

Painting a pool can be a huge undertaking if done without the right tools or knowledge. But when done properly, by qualified professionals, you can expect C&D Professional Coating Services in-ground pool painting experts to enhance the vibrance of your pool while eliminating any chips of peeling paint that could eventually wind up in the pool’s water.


Determining Your Paint Type

Pools are routinely painted with one of three types of paint. 

  • Epoxy paint is the most durable and lasts seven to 10 years before repainting is necessary. 
  • Less-expensive chlorinated rubber-based paint lasts only about half as long. 
  • Water-based acrylic paint is easy to use and inexpensive, but only lasts two to three years. 

While acrylic paint can be repainted over any of the paint types, epoxy paint can only be used on pools originally painted with epoxy, and rubber based can only be used to paint pools already painted with this material.

Once C&D Professional Coating Services has finished your In-Ground Pool restoration, and you have waited for the appropriate and required timeframe for the specific paint type used on your pool; Five days for rubber-based and epoxy coatings and three days for acrylic. Then you are ready to refill your inground pool and turn on your filtration system.